Finding a Groomer

Begin by checking with family and friends.  If they can’t help, try asking your veterinarian, dog trainer or even your doggie daycare.

Once you have made a decision on where to go, you should make a personal visit to the grooming salon and ask for a tour of the facility. It should be clean and well lit and show pride of ownership – let’s face it, if they care about the appearance of their salon they will care about the appearance and well being of your pet too!

Feel free to make an appointment to stop in and visit Proud Canines.  You will not be disappointed nor will you think twice about leaving your best friend in their care!

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Signs of a Good Groomer

Looking for a good groomer can sometimes be difficult but knowing what signs to look for can certainly help.  Here are a few:

  • groomer is certified
  • clean and tidy facility
  • adequate lighting
  • open to tours of their facility
  • kennels/cages of adequate sizes
  • professional with clients and their pets
  • keep records/pictures etc.
  • other credentials (Vet experience, Pet First Aid/CPR Certified)

Most importantly, you should feel comfortable with the groomer you choose, first and foremost.

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Benefits of Going to a Professional Groomer

There are many benefits of having your dog groomed by a professional.

  • a professional groomer practices healthy grooming techniques and knows how to groom your pet without causing injury
  • your dog will get a professional haircut
  • trouble free nail trimming
  • the mess isn’t in your home
  • proper grooming supplies are used, particularly professional shampoos.  The PH of a dog is not the same as a human therefore, shampoo for dogs must be used.  There are also several different shampoos that are required for different reasons like brightening/whitening, conditioning, skin issues or fleas and ticks.
  • a professional groomer can give you valuable tips as well as observe your pet for skin conditions/parasites/lumps etc. which can in turn be looked at by your veterinarian

Your dog will not only leave looking and smelling good but will enjoy a day at the spa…

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Things to Tell Your Groomer

An informed groomer is a prepared groomer!  Always give your groomer as much information as possible when possible.  The following is a list of important things to tell your groomer:

If your dog…

  • has any skin issues, sores, wounds of any kind, sensitive areas, lumps or bumps, skin tags etc.
  • has had surgery recently or has any past injuries
  • is pregnant
  • has bad hips or elbows
  • has fleas or ticks
  • suffers from any illnesses such as seizures, allergies, heart problems, trouble standing, blindness, deafness etc.
  • has behavioral problems such as biting, barking, separation anxiety, extreme dislikes etc.

AND, as for the groom itself,  be VERY specific about what you want done with your dog. A groomer’s idea and an owner’s idea of what the haircut should look like may be completely different therefore don’t hesitate to go over details several times OR if you have a picture, bring it with you!

A professional groomer will never feel an owner is giving too much information.  Until your groomer gets to know you and your pet, any information is relevant not to mention appreciated.

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When to Groom Your Dog

Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining health and happiness for you and your dog.

There are many factors that will determine when is a good time to have your dog groomed, but the most common would be:

  • the obvious – your dog hasn’t been bathed in a while and is dirty and stinky
  • your dog’s hair is too long for you to maintain
  • your dog has several mats
  • your dog requires his/her nails cut
  • your dog had an unfortunate encounter with a skunk

Whatever the reason, a grooming schedule is always a good idea!

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